The Intuition Wizard

"Nurturing Wisdom, Mastering Intuition"

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung

Welcome to The Intuition Wizard!

A wizard is like a fantasy scientist, they spend most of their lives studying magic in order to be able to practice it. As the Intuition Wizard, I dedicate myself to the study of Tarot and other oracles, such as Petit Lenormand, in order to better understand their symbols and deeper meanings.

However, theory alone will do you little good. The imagery and symbolism of Tarot is what allows us to understand its message. Images have a way of talking to our subconscious in ways our rational minds could never comprehend. Study will only take you so far. You must learn to listen to your intuition and let it guide you to the best understanding for each individual reading.

For me, Tarot is not something linked to any religious or psychic practice. It is a deck of cards with illustrations containing an amplitude of symbolism linked to the collective subconscious. Tarot is a tool to help us better understand ourselves and the world around us.

I do not use Tarot or other oracles as a replacement for legal, financial, medical, or psychiatrical advice;
I do not use Tarot or other oracles as part of psychic practices.

What I do

Tarot cards symbolize aspects of life and are used for reflection and insight. They help explore personal situations and choices, my approach is almost from a secular perspective for self-reflection with a view of where the situation is likely heading.

The Petit Lenormand deck is a set of 36 cards, each card featuring a simple, evocative image, representing various aspects of daily life, people, and situations.

SoulCollage® is a creative process where individuals make collage cards representing different aspects of themselves using images from magazines. It's a tool for self-discovery, intuition, and personal growth.

Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing technique that involves the transfer of universal life force energy through the practitioner's hands to the recipient. By facilitating this energy flow, Reiki aims to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and support overall well-being on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

The Victorian Romantic Tarot, by Baba Studio

Deck Reviews

As a dedicated deck collector, I find immense joy in delving into the varied interpretations that each deck offers. Oracle cards such as Tarot and Petit Lenormand communicate with us most directly through their imagery. Exploring how different illustrations capture the essence of each card's symbolism is a profound passion of mine.

This fascination drives my enthusiasm for writing deck reviews. These reviews not only serve as an invaluable tool for studying the nuances in card symbology but also offer a platform to appreciate the unique perspectives that each author infuses into these extraordinary systems.